F2D x G-Shock East Varsity! Out Friday!!


Ok so don’t say we haven’t pre-warned ya, and when things get sold out, please don’t say I never told you on time, because we giving you the heads up NOW! READ MORE

East Urban Apparel Sale @ G-SHOCK EAST


So we posted up the Playdot Apparel x G-Shock East event which is taking place this Friday at the store, READ MORE

Playdot Apparel x G-Shock East 1 Day Sale!!


So as if ‘The Big Sale’ wasn’t enough to get our blood racing for bargains, Playdot have done the ultimate by collaborating with G-Shock East to bring us another great sale, READ MORE

Trapstar x G-Shock Collaboration [Video]


Just in case you guys really wanted to catch up and see what went down at the Trapstar x Charlatan x G-Shock collaboration last week, Trapstar have been posting up and around the video of the entire night, which is great for all us peoples that couldn’t make it down!! READ MORE

SPOTTED!! Everyone’s Rocking Trapstar…


Product placement is in the air, and Trapstar have been growing immensely in the celebrity or known persons scene with the like of Rihanna, Tyga, Paije (X-Factor), and READ MORE

Trapstar x G-Shock Available Pieces


If you were unfortunate enough to miss the incredible collaboration night of Trapstar x G-Shock x Charlatan, weep not, for thy prayers have been answered!! READ MORE

VA-G x G-Shock East: Event Review


The collaboration between two great brands VA-G and G-Shock East, was definitely one to note down in 2010 history as a great one! Not only was creativity evident, but the growth of the VA-G identity and brand was clearer than ever, as well as the READ MORE

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