Join Us

So we hope to expand, not with the intention of being this money making machine (it’d be nice) but the main idea is to really create a community where UK fashion is embraced from the underground all the way up!

To do this we need a bigger team, so check out the roles below and if you think you can fulfill them then get in contact with us asap on the details below.

theCool Contributors

If you’re interested in showcasing the latest that’s going on in the UK or across the oceans and would like to contribute as a blogger, we are continually looking for contributors to cover both the latest in releases from far and near, including events. Please send a details of yourself to and be sure to include the following:

– examples of your writing, either a blog you write or separate pieces
– Tell us your favourite brands and why

theCool Streetstyle – Photographer

So the idea here, is we’re looking for creative photographers from all over the UK to document their local street style wonderfuls on a weekly basis. Submissions for approval can be sent to Please provide the following style of shots in either a portrait or landscape format which should include:

– Full Body
– Half Body (Upper/Lower)
– Close-Ups

theCool Videographer – theCool TV

We would like to grow theCool TV and so we are looking for talented, up and coming videographers to help contribute to our ongoing series of short videos on various cultural and lifestyle matter in the fashion world. If you’re interested, please send an email to and send in the following information: relevant video samples and where you’re based.

Hopefully you’ve got the gist of where we are headed, however we always have room for plenty more creative people, so if the above isn’t exactly your field but you’d like to get involved then email us anyway at and send in relevant work, or portfolios to push forward your thoughts!!