Ricardo Ramos FW12-“La Lola Moderna”


With Berlin a fond memory of both Berlin Fashion Week and Bread & Butter, one thing to take away is how much talent and amazing fashion pieces we’ve been able to capture, look at and experience. One who is always a fond memory is Ricardo Ramos (his 3rd consecutive appearance in BFW) who shares with us FW12 creatively entitled ‘La Lola Moderna’ meaning The Modern Lola! READ MORE

Editor’s Pick: Klue by Kelly-Ann


Surfing our Social Media platforms as usual, and I stumbled across what I can pretty much call ‘Supertalent’ on Facebook, by the name of Klue! READ MORE

Fabryan Launches SS12 Collection of High End Evening Wear!


Since the first day we came across Fabryan, it is still a joy that every collection released from the unique brand still excites me, and SS12 is no different, in that Fabryan expresses femininity, explores the silhouette with grace and indeed picks up on key trends for the new season! READ MORE

Ricardo Ramos SS12 @ Berlin Fashion Week July’11


So, we’re very gutted that we weren’t able to make it to Berlin Fashion Week this time, but one of our favourite designers Ricardo Ramos, never fails in updating us on his fantastic showcase and collections, and here is an update of BFW July 2011… READ MORE

Editor’s Pick: Math Collective SS11


Ok so some newness for theCool, just brands that I’m coming across, and loving at the moment, and this time round it’s on the ever so sophisticated Math Collective. READ MORE

Think Green Moving Fashion Day [Event Recap]


By Radhika Sathe

While everyone now knows about ethical fashion, there are still misconceptions about it being a drab and dreary affair. Well, the Think Green: Moving Image Fashion Day sure proved this wrong! READ MORE

Brighton Fashion Week: Primitive Couture by “Roadkill Couture”


Written by: Victoire for GV Miao

In the afternoon of 3rd June, St Martin’s church was filled up with a sense of primitivism,  wildness and mystery created by Jess Eaton’s recycled “Roadkill Couture” collection, showcasing couture pieces made of feathers, furs and from body parts of animals that have died naturally or been killed for food. READ MORE

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