Obui Amaechi

Ok so basically they call me Obui … like Robby without the R! also known as Phoenix-Lee if you like… Which ever floats you boat to be honest!I blog I style I design I sing I write I photograph I live for music and have the utmost respect for creativity and fashion.

People say I’m eccentric… I do love the odd new experience now and then and I’m quite an open universal kinda-girl-kinda-being (I’ll do anything once!)

I’m from Rotherhithe a little town in between Bermondsey & Surrey Quays, most people have no idea and usually rename it Rotherham … don’t ask!

I love blogging because it’s the healthier way for me to express myself without vomiting on my words as my brains works way faster than my mouth!

I’m study Fashion Promotion “I ♡ IT LIKE A FAT KID L….” Yeah and the rest of it!)

I’m a freelance stylist and I actually really enjoy a bit of serious Art/Design and Photography and (really bad sewing) in my spare time …

Enough about me let’s talk about theCool stuff… *cheesy grin*

If you haven’t noticed by now it’s all about talent, (not just the printing on a Fruit of the Loom top over and over again with no creative vision) and giving people the limelight they work hard for, bridging the gap and creating space for the smaller independent undiscovered genius.

In under a year theCool has managed to successfully showcase and promote raw UK talent, which you really don’t get that often.

So yeah I’m going to toddle off now but you will be seeing/reading/watching more of me right here at theCool *echoes*.

I’m gonna be tackling a bit of Fashion, Events, and…. something new you’ll notice verrrry soon!

Stay focused bloggers, stay … focused!

You can also stalk me on Twitter and retweet my casual complaints! @Ambivalenttwin

Peace Dudes!

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  1. Chijioke Ezeh

    Hello Obui,

    First, I must say that it is a good thing that you are doing here and I am glad you are doing it well.

    Anyway, I am looking for a place to buy these ultra-flat kungfu looking shoes. They are a bit like TOMS shoes only much flatter.

    I’d most appreciate if you could refer me to a site where I can order them in semi-large quantities.



  2. Heya Chijioke!

    Drop me an email and I’ll send you some link :)

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