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Hey peeps, I’m Christina Daniels, a happy go lucky, South London chic by nature and style, and passionate about all things fashion.

I’ve done quite a number of things in my short 20 something span of life, which has includes starting a T-shirt label, Graffiti workshops, working at one time or another for the likes of Joules Ltd, Hemingway Designs, Blue Marlin, Freelance Graphic Design, a third member of My Virtuous Media and a consistent fashion blogger. Quite a mouthful, and I promise I didn’t do all that in one go, I have managed to study somewhat in between all that also!

I’m what you’d call an opportunist and have knack for wanting to help build and develop people and things around me (think it’s genetic!)

But my love for fashion and the emerging elements that create a buzz for a young designer brought forth what you see today

Now I assure you I’m as ordinary as they come, and can definitely probably be pictured as a ‘Plain Jane’ but as I grow in my learning’s and findings, you’ll see how the site grows and so I hope you’ll join me in this journey!!

Catch me if you can on Twitter:

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  1. Christina I love the way you support all things quality and UK and cannot believe that it has only been six months you have achieved so much and it has been great watching you grow. I look forward to keeping up with what is going on via your site as I did with your blog and wish you all the best for the next six months and beyond! Our ‘birthdays’ are very close together so make sure you let me know if there will be a ‘cool’ 1st birthday party so our dates do not clash! Here’s to the future walking on the sunnyside! KenemaGirl xx

  2. Christina’s the bestest!!!

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