4 Hot Summer Sunglasses Brands

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The summer season is here, which means the sun’s rays are in full force and you need to take steps to protect your eyes from the damaging UV radiation that they’d have to endure if you didn’t wear a good pair of sunglasses. But with so many different styles and trends to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out what pair of sunglasses would be right for you.


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When it comes to sunglasses that will not only look great, but also last a long time, you should stick with designer brands. Check out some of the hottest summer sunglasses brands below to make your shopping a bit easier.


Do you love colourful frames on your sunglasses but you don’t want to have to spend a ridiculous amount of money purchasing multiple pairs of sunglasses? Do you have a hard time finding a frame style that looks great on your face but you wish it came in a different colour? Then check out Carrera sunglasses, which are available in round or square throwback shapes that are ideal for all face shapes. These frames are made of metal and they are really lightweight and comfortable, too, but the best part is that you can snap on various colourful plastic fronts—some with great patterns, too—so that you can change your look every day depending upon your outfit and mood.


A great pair of Oakley sunglasses is absolutely perfect for the active athlete or anyone who prefers to maintain a sporty appearance on casual days. Many of these will also reduce 99% of glare that you would otherwise have to deal with if you were to wear other brands. Therefore, these sunglasses are stylish and just right for anyone who likes to get out in the great outdoors and have some fun in the sun during the summer.

Photo by Michael Dorausch

Photo by Michael Dorausch


You can find a variety of shapes and colours in Prada’s line of sunglasses, and wearing Prada will definitely make you feel fashionable and stylish no matter where you go. Plus, you can find everything from ultra modern sunglass styles to retro looks that are perfect for whatever your mood is or whatever your overall style is. Investing in a pair of these sunglasses means that you will be confident, look great, and enjoy them for a long time, thanks to their durability.


No list of top sunglasses designer brands would be complete without Ray-Ban. This is a classic brand that produces a variety of frames that will suit any man or woman’s face perfectly. Whether you want something classic, something that evokes the rock ‘n’ roll vibe, or something contemporary, there is something for everyone in the Ray-Ban line.

This summer, complete any outfit with a great pair of sunglasses from one of the top brands that are available from amazingly talented designers. With so many options, you may become confused and you may have to purchase more than one pair so that you can always have the perfect shades for heading to the beach or to work.


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