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TheCool Meets Meriko LondonPlanning your perfect summer getaway? Then you’ll definitely need some jewellery to update any summer looks this season, and whilst seeking for an upgrade we would suggest pieces by jeweller Meriko London

Meriko London’s jewellery combines traditional craftsmanship with innovation and the empowering qualities of semi precious gems and crystals.  TheCool got the chance to speak to Meri Hovsepyan the founder of the exquisite Jewellery brand and get an insight into just what we can expect from the latest Gold coast collection and more… 

TCF: How did you start your label?

Jewellery Designer Meri HovsepyanI come from a long, long line of jewellers. My whole life I have been surrounded by gems and precious stones. Where most children are taught their primary colours from a book, I was learning about blue turquoise and bright orange carnelian by playing with the long strands of vibrantly coloured beads. My family is into fine jewellery, whereas I wanted to branch out alone and cater for women that want high fashion at accessible prices with a timeless look. I’d always wanted to work with the beautiful semi-precious stones I had played with as a child, these magical gems that held such power over me, and I wanted to share their natural colours and wonder with the rest of the world. After the birth of my first child I established Meriko London in 2013 in London – the world’s most exciting city and the heart of fashion and luxury!

TCF: How do you approach a new collection? Where do your ideas come from?

I love the ocean and nature. I love travelling, and every day, everywhere I go and every beautiful creature I see that God has created gives me an idea for my next collection. My brain never rests, I am constantly thinking about where I can take my new collections and what I can create with these amazing stones that will want to be worn by women everywhere.

TCF: What materials and techniques do you favour?

I love round semi precious stones and crystals, their natural colours are absolutely fascinating to me. Each and every stone is unique and each colour reminds me of nature, plus they carry really powerful properties which means that when I wear certain stones I feel as great as I look!

TCF: Tell us about the Gold coast collection; what is the inspiration behind this range?Gold Coast Collection

My love for travel and the sea inspired the birth of the Gold Coast Collection. I was spending a few months in our home in the South of Spain and every day while driving along the coastline and admiring the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea I would day dream about how that magic and beauty could be interpreted into a new collection. I also wanted the collection to capture the three things that every woman wants to feel forever: youth, serenity and freedom.

TCF: If you could see any woman wearing your designs, who would it be?
Jennifer Lopez. She is a woman after my own heart! She is a hard working mother who has never let anything get in the way of what she wants. She looks amazing and has never forgotten her roots. Plus I think Meriko London’s bright coloured stones would look amazing against the backdrop of her Latin beauty.

TCF: Do you have a favourite piece?
I love every single piece that I create… If I had to choose an absolute favourite piece that I wear every day, it would be the dark blue lapis 4 stone yellow gold plated ring from the gold Coast collection. It’s classic, it goes with everything, but it’s still completely unique and people always admire it wherever I go.

TCF: What is next for Meriko London?
Taking over the world haha.
We have 3 new collections launching between now and the end of 2015. We have the Amalfi Romance collection that is now available on-line and caters for women who want pieces that are simple and romantic, perfect for this season’s wedding market. It also includes something for the men in our lives! Brightly coloured stone cufflinks in both yellow and white gold plated silver. We have our UK and Spanish sales teams busy speaking to boutiques around the world and some really exciting photo and video shoots planned in mountains and on a yacht for 2016 collections. So lots of exciting times ahead!

TCF: Your favourite quote?
“The most important thing is to enjoy your life — to be happy — it’s all that matters.” Audrey Hepburn. I think that sums up everything about me and Meriko London!


The Gold Coast collection features 9 items in six stones; four adjustable rings (including a pinky and midi ring), a bracelet, a long two-stone necklace, a back necklace, an ear cuff and long earrings.

The Gold Coast collection is now available online at and through stockists in London, Moscow and Marbella, Spain.

Long necklace landscape agate Earrings lapis Bracelet turquoise Bar necklace2 facated agate 4stone ring1 rose quartz 2 stone ring malachite

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