a number of names* X FPAR® Collaboration

By Christina Daniels on June 15, 2015 in

a number of names* X FPAR® Collaborationa number of names* have teamed up to collaborate with FPAR® from their stable of brands. Giving them an open brief to make something in their house style that somehow linked to a number of names*.

What they came back with was a tee with ‘droogs’ written on the front in the a number of names* house style, influenced by Repo Man and Ralph’s supermarket own label products. (Droog means friend in Nadzat which is the teenage argot, or slang from the Anthony Burgess novel A Clockwork Orange).

When Tet from FPAR® first met Craig from anon* they immediately bonded over Craig’s business card which simply said business card on one side, with the dual stripe underneath. Tet immediately recognised it from the film Repo Man and later the PIL ALBUM cover. Tet and Craig discussed a mutual love of UK youth culture films like Bronco Bullfrog and A Clockwork Orange. It therefore made total sense when FPAR® sent the tee design to anon*.

For the lookbook and trailer a number of names* shot four of their Droogs in the Thamesmead Estate in South London, which Stanley Kubrick chose to characterise the dystopian run-down society of Anthony Burgess’ original novel.

The t-shirt is exclusively available from http://store.anumberofnames.org and keep up to date with these guys via Twitter/Instagram: @anon_store

droogs FPAR® x anumberofnames* collab t-shirt from a number of names* on Vimeo.

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