Vinco Life Unveils the Thinnest RFID Blocking Wallet

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Vinco Life Unveils the Thinnest RFID Blocking WalletVinco Life champion our thoughts on having accessories that elevate style and practicality and their ultra-thin RFID-blocking wallet does just that with its wicked natural texture.

Having successfully seen their Indiegogo campaign being received so well, the Vinco Life wallet is one that is a must have for you day-to-day musings and you’ll thanks us for the heads up!

The wallet, which stands at a thickness of half a millimetre also stops wireless fraud on your contactless card. The brilliant minds being this are Ibbe (21), Jalil (20), and Sam (20). The trio of academics set their sights on reducing daily hassles by creating a class of simplistic yet elegant products for the minimalist market.

“There are many types of wallets available, especially in the minimalist market. Unfortunately, the majority of them are prone to RFID skimming. Vinco stops skimming and its slim too, there isn’t any compromise.”  – Jalil, Co-founder.

Vinco is stand alone in contrast to other wallets that are prone to RFID skimming. This is made possible by incorporating a dual layer of RFID repelling film within the sanctuary of the inner sleeve, enabling Vinco to be thirty percent thinner than a single bank card.

Vinco Life RFID Blocking Wallet

Using raw materials that already incorporate natural beauty are a key principal promoted by the Vinco team, those compounds being Tyvek; a robust spun-bonded olefin sheet that ensures one’s cash and cards stay dry & safe. Tailored Stitching; seam-work that enables Vinco to stretch to adapt to everyone’s lifestyle. Finally the RFID blocking film keeps your cards protected from any illicit signals.

Vinco is crafted, designed, and shipped locally to ensure a wallet that beholds a true sentiment of British values. The team has procured a network to ensure all the raw materials are sourced locally.

Through sharing their passion and story via the crowdfunding platform ‘Indiegogo’ it has provided them with the ideal stage to showcase their product whilst heeding pledges & support. Vinco wallet will soon hit the market and will be shipped to those who helped in raising funds.

Although the Indiegogo original campaign has ended, you can still get in on the action and continue to support by visiting for story more information.

Vinco Life RFID Blocking WalletVinco Life RFID Blocking Wallet Vinco Life RFID Blocking Wallet

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