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PERCIVAL POSTER HUNT COMPETITIONPercival although a young brand, their pieces of clothing are one of the very few that can cater for both the young and old alike and still give everyone a unique look and feel, through their consistent commitment to quality workmanship.

This season, Percival stay true to their creative roots and have created a campaign which involves an interactive element and some beautiful illustrations.

Percival will be postering hundreds of these beautiful posters around London across three weekends 26th – 27th April, 3rd – 4th May & 10th – 11th May, each poster will have an interactive set of codes allowing the user to win their very own piece of Percival. So if you see a poster just simply scan the code on the poster to win.

The guys from Percival have also created a cool short film that explains the process and perfectly encapsulates the campaign >>>

The posters are inspired by 50’s airline and travel ads, the limited colour palette and contrasted lighting suit the Percival aesthetic, the craft and time that has gone into the illustrations break up the monotony of the brash club fly poster, whilst being engaging, social and interactive. Being created by the likes of Bobby Evans of Telegramme whose clients include Arctic Monkeys, MTV, Financial Times, Habitat, Nokia, and Vodafone, you know that you are in good company here!

‘Rather than a simple shoot/look book we wanted to create a campaign that had an engaging social element. Instead of concentrating on images and styling of specific garments we were trying to create a context for the brand and get across our personality and how we work.’ – Chris Gove – Percival Director / Designer

Definitely a unique way to grab our attention but we’ll be on the hunt over the next few weeks and we’re sure we’ll bump into a few of you too! Check our Percival and more at

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