#theCooLIST | VALENTINE’S DAY: Instagrams on marshmallows! Boomf!

By Christina Daniels on February 2, 2014 in ,

So just when you thought that Instagram couldn’t get any better or more creative, along comes a company like Boomf, who go an add just a little more coolness to what you can do with Instagram beyond the photos.

Yes as suggested in the title, that is right you can get your favourite Instagram pics on Marshmallows! Perfect timing we think for the Valentine’s day ahead of us, why not get a few images, ‘I love you’ graphics printed up for your loved ones and make it quirky, fun and romantic all in one!

The UK startup company Boomf, offers you 9 marshmallows in a very cool box that are perfect gifts for special occasions through out the year!

Scrumptious, Squishy, Shareable… open up Valentines day with something sweet from Boomf, we’d suggest a loving cup of hot chocolate with a bunch of magic mallows sitting on top to seal the deal!

Visit Boomf online and use the code ‘LOVEYOUMORETHAN’ to get yourself 14% off (get it 14th Feb!!) and be sure to order before the Tuesday 4th February to ensure delivery in Europe before the big day!



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