MQT Denim: Pack A Poncho!


MQT Camo PonchoThe adage ‘When it rains, it pours’ has never been far from the truth here in the UK and so we all look to shelter ourselves, yet look good in what seems to be a wet start to the year.

Well denim specialists MQT introduce to us their first all-weather signature camo-print poncho. Poncho? Yes indeed,  this new addition to their range is is uniquely created from raw camouflage denim fabric with advance water repellent finish. It means you can be sure to dance, sing whatever you like in the rain!

Now if you’re not sold on rocking a Poncho, here’s some facts for you. The Poncho originates from South Africa, used by the military in the 19th century to protect against wind and rain. Now used mostly for British festival attire, the MQT Poncho have redeveloped this old school look to encourage more protection against the elements, causing this to be your go to for all Festivals and possibly daily wear as you please!

MQT Denim Camo PonchoMQT Denim Camo Poncho MQT Denim Camo Poncho MQT Denim Camo Poncho MQT Denim Camo Poncho MQT Denim Camo PonchoMQT Camo Poncho

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