Resolutions for 2014: This Year We Will?


ResolutionsWritten By: Christina Daniels

As we reflect on the year soon to be a recent past, it is only human nature to see the New Year 2014 as one to start afresh, get into some good ol’ disciplined activities, reach once again for the stars and be the best one can be. 

We could go through all we have achieved on theCool and that would take us into quite a few words and images for this post, instead we want to look at a few things we want to achieve for 2014 and also encourage our readers and followers to tag along for the journey.

I’d be the first to admit that running theCool alongside a very hectic full time work life is madly impossible but theCool is something I’m dedicated to and 2014 is definitely something we look forward to in terms of progressing, moving to the next level and getting to know our readers more.

Habitual, general resolutions like working out, getting fit still apply, and to be fair we all have to admit that some of us just never get to it! So we think we’ll help encourage our readers (and ourselves) with great fashion must haves for staying in the gym, or getting a bit more outdoorsy (if that’s a word). Best Kicks for working out, the works… encouragement goes a long way!


Travel & Adventure!! 2013 we saw our very own Liz head out to Morocco, I got to check out the Cass Sculpture Foundation & test drive a few Ferrari’s or two and as much as we love our dedication to the UK fashion scene, especially independent brands, we are very much aware that inspiration can derive from anywhere and all types of cultures apply. We definitely want to have more travel pics, snippets of cultural lifestyles and streetstyle from across the globe evident on theCool too!


Introduce some colour this year! With Pantone declaring ‘Radiant Orchid’ as 2014′s colour of the year… this one is for all of us to branch out a little and introduce some colour into our lives. Not sure about you but I became prone to grey’s, black, white, navy and burgundy’s this AW13 and Radiant Orchid could just be the colour to revive my ol’ soul! This is also testament to us also pushing our feminine side a bit more through theCool (after all we are run by 3 ladies – who knew!?)

Pantone Colour of the year 2014 Radiant Orchid

Read Read Read! More books, more knowledge, better vocabulary, better grammer, bigger imagination! Can’t remember the last time you picked up a book? Well I’m the same and so it’s something we want to encourage on theCool… brush up on your fashion knowledge or general knowledge and appreciate the art of writing this 2014.


Investing in Style- couldn’t be anymore clearer, each month represents a better you, a better version of yourself from what you’ve learnt the month before. Rejuvenation, and investments in style pieces, style trends is just the thing to get better at being you. theCool will look at pieces and trends over 2014 to help with that, from top luxury brands to our most dedicated and favourite independent brands.


Let us know what you’ve got planned for 2014 and share with us what you’d like to see on theCool… one thing we pride ourselves on is being open to all fashion news and we want to continue to do so this 2014!


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