Product Review: Philips Fashion Headphones #YouNeedToHearThis


Philips HeadphonesTechnology brand Philips are probably more assumed with being more technical than fashionable, however their latest Philips DownTown CitiScape Headphones bring the two characteristics together, in what brings about a very functional and trend like accessory! These Philips headphones are a great fashion accessory!

What’s nice about these headphones from Philips is that unlike many other headphones we’ve tested and tried there isn’t this plastic feeling to them, they enhance both aesthetics and comfort with the use of a lightweight headband which is nicely wrapped in a soft fabric with memory foam cushions for long-lasting comfort. We’re sure you agree with us, that if you like your music, being beat up by a pair of headphones is the last thing you want!

The sound quality is great, blocking out everything else, even at a moderate volume and the capacity to hear all beats, voices etc definitely causes you to enjoy whatever it is you may be listening to at the time.

Also very cool is the flat 1.2m anti-tangle cable – yes anti-tangle… trust us we tried this is not a complicated headset and the transition from calls to music is easily done. It’s all about being fashionable in a very functional way and that works tremendously well in the case of these headphones.

Get more info from the new collection from and check out more on Twitter over @YNTHT_UK, #YouNeedToHearThis

Philips HeadphonesPhilips Headphones Philips Headphones Philips Headphones Philips Headphones Philips Headphones Philips Headphones Philips Headphones

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