Four Vital Items to Take to the Boom Bap Festival 2013


Drunkn MunkyYou can forget Glastonbury and the mud, the Stones, the stale smell of urine that goes with it, and start embracing the Boom Bap Festival 2013. From 13 – 15 September, more than 100 acts playing throughout ten acres and on six arenas will hypnotise an audience of rap fans in Peterborough.

Some of the biggest, freshest and finest names in hip hop will be bigging up the crowd in the East Midlands over the three days, including Life & Nappa, Klashnekoff, Lunar C, Tony D, Reveal, Locksmyth, Philli N Dotz and Mikey Don – to name just a handful.

Providing an eclectic mix of love, creativity, community and cooperation, Boom Bap offers both a unique and positive experience of underground music culture.

Where Boom Bap excels is that unlike many other hip hop events, it amalgamates several aspects of the hip hop genre, including the D.J., the M.C, graffiti and breakdancing – the net result is simply dynamic.

So the idea of visiting Boom Bap has sold itself to you, now all you’ve got to decide is what to take with you on your three-day venture of avant-garde music, dancing and living it up.


As mentioned earlier, this ain’t Glastonbury, and while the weather might be as just as dicey, if not dicier, taking wellies to the Boom Bap Festival is a definite no-no!

Sneakers are the most relevant footwear at Boom Bap. Opt for a lightweight choice of sneaker, preferably with some grip on the sole. Logos won’t go amiss at Boom Bap, so long as the logo emblazoned on your sneakers is representative of the fresh and innovative vibe this electrifying festival is all about.

A cap

Flat peak caps are in at the moment, and not just in the hip hop world. So a stylish fitted cap sporting a logo would be a desirable addition to your Boom Bap attire!

A pocket bag

Not so long ago wearing a pocket bag was confined to the types who would wear sandals and white socks on a holiday! Not any more. As long as it’s stylish and compact then a pocket bag can certainly be a vital accessory at the Boom Bap Festival as it means you can carry around your essentials, such as your wallet, phone and keys, and still have your hands free to skank out!

A summer jacket

A lightweight summer jacket that can roll up nicely in your rucksack when the sun shines, and also help keep you dry should it rain would be a wise thing to take with you to the Peterborough countryside this September. Vibrant colours are preferable and if it has an urban street feel to it; your summer jacket should blend in nicely.

Sporting a great logo and radiating style and comfort, Drunknmunky’s range of menswear, ladieswear and footwear would be a great place to start in your quest to take suitable items to what is possibly the best hip hop festival of 2013.

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