Rum Knuckles SS13 Collection


Rum Knuckles SS13Rum Knuckles is a person born with a natural instinct to rebel. The SS13 collection for the rebellious brand showcase their unique approach to a range of pieces that can be added to wardrobes this season.

“Our philosophy is to create clothes we like to wear, graphics we like to draw whilst listening to the music we love….”

You will see that Rum Knuckles create pieces that support the sidewalk surfers and the dirty youth of extreme sport. Dressing the crazy youth, the Skater Punk, the BMXer and the Indie kid!

The summer collection sums up their passions for drinking, tattoos and skating. Tees, Sweats, Hoodies, Vests, Jackets and caps all embody a punk and street attitude, challenging authority, bold in their approach and authentic with it.

“We at Rum Knuckles are punks. Most punks are anarchist who hate authority. Real punks don’t listen to shit.  If you want be a punk just be yourself, have fun, and do something no ones done before. Being a punk means going against trends. so just dressing like a punk doesn’t make you one, be your own man/woman with your own unique style.”

Check out images of the collection on our Tumblr and SS13 Vid below and visit for more!

Rumknuckles SS13 Collection from Haddon PR on Vimeo.

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