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So Ego’s bringing back that Old Skool Garage I hear?

Thank God for that, I know many are dibbing and dabbing around it and not quite doing it justice, but South London’s singer-songwriter, beat-maker and self taught guitarist Ms May, has managed to push a button for me personally.
Have a listen to her rendition of Shank’s & Bigfoot’s #1 UK garage hit ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’ , now this was a big tune back then ( I sound old  :/ ) so there must have been alot of pressure trying to get the sound quite right but have  listen > CLICK THE LINK HERE <  .

Trippy, melty, gorgeous , her mellow vocals are literally like chocolate to the ears, milk chocolate to be precise because I hate dark chocolate and white chocolate makes my teeth hurt… I have holes in my teeth , don’t ask too much sugar, weakness I know.

Talking of weaknesses, she bring out that emotion in this tune very well, I mean we used to skank to this, she let’s you do this but  makes you remember that person that causes your knees to tremble at the thought of them…

She reminds me of Jill Scott with a hint of  Erykah and Shaznay Lewis, and shes gorgeous, check out her pics on tumblr!


If you are quite new to Ego then go back and check out her introductory EP ‘The Tree’ on Bandcamp and if you’re feeling it download it!

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