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Nemesis Inferno Whilst we are amidst a revamp on the site (details soon to come) we’ve been making every minute of Sun count these past couple of weeks and THORPE PARK was on the agenda!! 
The nation’s Thrill Capital has undergone a serious revamp of their own this year, so it makes it a must go place for SS13.
You can look forward to features like THE SWARM – the UK’s first winged roller-coaster which features a maximum G-Force of 4.5. STEALTH goes from 0-80mph in under 2 seconds having the same brake horsepower as 2 F1 cars – pretty fast if we say so ourselves!
Then the legendary SAW features a direct 100 degree drop, sure enough to get hearts pumping adrenaline like crazy and COLOSSUS was the worlds first roller coaster to feature TEN loop the loops!
What we found quite cool is the chance to do it all over again the next day with the new stay over -night at THORPE PARK in The Crash Pad from £64 per person which includes 2 days at the park and a winning breakfast!
Definitely make some time out to head down to THORPE PARK, you can even benefit from 2-for-1 entry at the park by picking up a bottle of Frijj for 50p at ASDA! More info here:
ColossusSAW - The RideStealthTHE SWARM

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