theCool Meets: Inkheart & Discusses Latest Collab with BucketFeet!


InkheartBucketFeet is the handy work of co-founders Aaron Firestein and Raaja Nemani who brought together their mutual love of travel and creativity to create a brand that would support artists worldwide by producing comfortable, high quality shoes as a medium to spread art.

Teaming up exclusively with the UK destination footwear store, OFFICE, BucketFeet are excited to announce the release of their Summer 2013 Global Colours Collection. The launch which includes art from five international artists perfectly encapsulates and expands BucketFeet’s ambition to bring wearable art to the world whilst delivering new and interesting shoes to the consumer.

theCool got a chance to catch up with London artist Inkheart who champions the “Common Transports” range in creating one of kind pieces for BucketFeet and its customers!

TCF: How do you keep your designs unique?

I try to use my influences but also create your my own style from them.

TCF: Why collaborate with BucketFeet?

I had wanted to work with Bucketfeet for a while. I love their concept its excellent, I wish there were more companies with the ideas and community they have created.

BucketFeet x Inkheart

TCF: How long did it take from start to finish create this design?

Once I know what I was going to do (which took a very long time!) the actual artwork took about 6 hours.

TCF: What would you call your style of work?

That is something I have never thought about, now you ask I guess maybe – compact illustration, but I hope it will be constantly evolving over time.

Common Transports

TCF: Who is your art role model?

I’m a big fan of Mcbess and I really love the work of GhostCo.

TCF: What are your views on Fashion being an art form?

 Im good with that, I think any form of expression can be art.

 TCF: Where can we find your work and designs?

My site is and

Inkheart x BucketFeet

The Inkheart x BucketFeet ‘Common Transport’ release is available now at selected Office stores and online

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