Skullcandy Navigator Headphones – REVIEW


Written by Obui Amaechi

Aite, I’m sold. I can’t even lie… I’ve been loyal, extremely loyal to a specific brand of headphones for about five years now. I fell in love 1st year of uni, coach trips with 3 hour journeys at 4 am…

Yes those that know, know! But I was content because I was blasting my favourite Foo Fighter tracks at full volume, and yes I’m tempted to digress but I’ll stay on track…

I’ve broken these headphones three times and lost a pair once but this time around they are lifeless, shiftless, jobless on my bedroom floor, skeletal frame weak, abandoned.

I even tried to re light the fire of a long lost love … it was pointless.

I’ve been hearing sounds through a new pair of ears.

I didn’t want to be biased, I fought the fight and lost the battle, I’m in love!

Sturdy, strong, capable, with enough head space to fit over a thick woolly hat or a cap, detachable cables, adjustable, collapsible headphones that go up and down and fold in nice and tidily to be tucked into a small or large bag, comfortably leaving enough room for a wallet, purse, books, whatever!

I’m so fussy! I love music; love is such a useless word to describe the feeling and connection I have for sound, tune and melody.

I have a new favorite song by Justin Timberlake called ‘Strawberry Bubblegum’ it’s been on repeat for days and the sound quality I get from these headphones is awesome, so imagine how I feel when I’m on Spotify?!

Released this month and a smaller take on last years Roc Nation Aviators, with built in Mic3 technology you can manually control volume, make calls, pause or play a track skip to next track or go back to a previous track.

Made specifically for the iPod, iPhone, and iPad and designed to meet Apple performance standards, these headphones provide a kind of straightforward almost obedient type of assistance controlling the product without you having to handle it, not so fun if you have a BlackBerry phone or anything else for that matter.

With this kind of comfort sadly comes the cons, for all my fellows sound lovers who have quite an intimate relationship with your headphones, my darlings I’d have to let you down slowly, these ones you just can’t sleep with unfortunately. As soft and as cushioned as these earmuffs are against the head/ear design concepts confiscate this notion.

The shape of the ear muff fits perfectly over the ear and stays put until you decide to move them, they are reliable, sleek minimalistic and can even be used for style purposes, well I’ve done it. (Well my iPod died and I couldn’t be bothered to take them off because they were so warm and tight. :S)

They are defiantly great for watching movies with, you hear all the effects but if you’re a music person listening on iTunes you might have to constantly adjust your equalizers to hear the exact sound you want.

But most people aren’t as fussy as me, and most people think I fuss over silly things so for the majority who’d see me as a minority this ones for you!

For the minority who understand my complaints and appraisals, you can trust this product.

So really, for once, everyone wins!

Think you love sound?   You know nothing till you’ve tried the Skullcandy Sound Supreme Navigator.

Go on try it.

For more info check out their Facebook page or go into your local retailer and make a worthwhile investment.

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