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All about new brands on theCool, we bring to your attention NOCLOUDS which is a new independent clothing line, led by the slogan “Don’t cloud your judgement”.

A brand with a vision to share meaning through it’s clothing each piece follows a concept and this Spring we are brought the Space Series and more premium streetwear style from The Private Line.

The new collection the Space Series consists of 4 t shirts, The Space Patch, Confines, Astrobot and Space Vortex, all in which we are presented a mission.  Starting off with an astronaut that gets stranded, from this an Astrobot is sent to rescue the stranded astronaut and the collection ends with a space vortex. Each piece showcases NOCLOUDS illustrative capacity within the clothing and the simple yet effective way of story telling within a line.

What’s nice about the brand is that the choose to cater for your everyday essentials with Space Series and then for those who require something a little more higher end then the “Noir Leather” tshirt and the Oversized Panel tshirt will be great picks and are part of the Private Line. All pieces however showcase their knowledge for style and attention to detail as well as targeting a greater market too!

The Noir Leather consists of subtle nappa leather trims on the sleeves and pocket with gold zippers on the sides, perfect smart casual attire. The Oversized Panel t shirt a basic essential, exaggerated in length with a corduroy panel at the bottom.

Exciting times for new brand NOCLOUDS it can only get better with the year still at an early stage, but we like what we see do far! Get to know the brand by visiting

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  1. Just saying

    I don’t mean to be negative but this is just so bad.

    The collection doesn’t sit together what so ever, I was scrolling down through these graphics tees that didn’t sit together anyway and then boom theres this really bad leather pocket tee (Clearly the leather has just been added to a standard tee shirt with cheap YKK zips just added into the seam allowance on the side of the tee which then takes away 2cms either side if sewn with seam allowance in mind) and then again with the ‘Over sized tee’ where does that fit in? and why have you just added black jersey to the bottom of again a standard tee.

    Sorry but you need to go away and re think your brand, it doesn’t work.

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