Surgery PR up the ante with a new social platform, the ‘Surgery Reporter’ App, designed by geniuses The App Garden is to give aspiring bloggers, writers and photographers the opportunity to share, inspire and be inspired with a network of individuals by becoming a part of the Surgery Street Reporter team.

As a great fashion and lifestyle agency with plenty clients under their belt, you can rest assured that you are in good company with the Surgery Reporter App!

Available for both Apple and Android, once downloaded users can report their various musings on everything from fashion to technology. The latest shows, street style spots, inspirational finds, new designers and up and coming new artists. Submitted to Surgery PR, uploads are then shared and credited to the reporter onto a live site

Sharing it is all about doing these three things:

Spot it – Upload and submit pictures. | Blog it – Write and submit content, opinions and comments. | Speak it – Record reportings on events, shows and interviews

It’s that simple!

The app also offers users the opportunity to be entered into exclusive competitions for tickets to fashion shows, events and VIP experiences in the UK and abroad through push notification alerts. Alongside this reporters will also have the chance to be selected as ‘Reporter of the Week’, appearing on the Surgery newsletter, website, Facebook and Twitter.

By joining the Surgery Reporter App, users become a part of a community of insiders reporting on the latest and most exciting trends from the streets, sharing it with a growing group of individuals and industry professionals.

We say give it a try, as this definitely gets a CERTIFIED COOL stamp from us! You can download the app from iTunes or Google Play!

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