Supremebeing SS13 – Hard Times

Excited much!? We are! Supremebeing showcase SS13 and interestingly titled it Hard Times! No this is not a cave in to the seemingly ongoing recession at hand, instead it is a nod to the fact that even if we are all experiencing Hard Times, there’s no need to slack on looking good, having fun within your means and making the most of summer!
Loving it right?!
Well the collection for SS13 speak of these things and just encourage you to allow Supremebeing to give that easy living lifestyle. The Spring / Summer 2013  collection, designed for those who appreciate quality & simplicity of design, married to an inspired colour palette & bespoke fabrics, will ensure you’ll be dressed with style & easy poise while we get through these Hard Times!
It’s a fun, playful yet easy on the eye and functional collection that allows you not to let down your swag but have peace of mind that you look good and all you need to do is have great music and friends in your life and you are pretty much set for the season ahead.
Oscar Wilde said it perfectly, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”. No doubt, these times are hard but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good.
Check out images from the range below and for more visit

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  1. GAH! I love their collection. On the site, the women’s wear has some really great looking t-shirts and there’s this one maxi dress that I would die for.

    Thanks for showing me to their site, now if you could just lend me some money for the clothes…

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