theCoolSTUFF! Dos Clothing Retro Styling


We’ve featured the retro inspired brand previously on theCool, and still can’t get enough of Dos Clothing fun and bold pieces.

The guys update us once again this Winter season with pieces from their latest collection which takes inspiration from the legacy of sport left from the summer of 2012.

The British brand focuses upon retro styling, block colours and patterns from the 1980s and 1990s but always with the Dos Clothing signature colour palette. What’s cool about their collection for the winter is that it shows modern day pieces inspired by retro 80s and 90s feel, so you’re not overtly out there, but still making a statement nonetheless!

Dos only ever prints their designs once so each run of sweatshirts and t-shirts is a limited edition, and you check out the current collection over at

P.S Keep your ears to the ground, word has it that Dos Clothing will be soon releasing a retro inspired skiwear range as the brand expands into snow, skate and surf… time will tell!!

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