50 and Counting…Hush Puppies x The Rolling Stones!!


The Rolling Stones headline the O2 Arena in Greenwich tonight continuing their 50 and Counting run of shows. But without a certain dog also celebrating a 50thanniversary, the Stones would be minus their key riffmaster.

Just to give a little history lesson, in 1965 in Sacramento, California Keith Richards suffered a massive electric shock when the strings of his guitar brushed against the stand of his live microphone knocking him flying off his feet. After waking up in the hospital an hour later, the medics told him that they believed that one thing had saved his life; the rubber soles of the Hush Puppies he wore on his feet. Life saving shoes these are!!

Hemingway for Hush Puppies, the new standalone premium men’s footwear collection, is ‘Inspired by British Club Culture and Hush Puppies Iconic Heritage’. Championing great British menswear with their finest Wolverine pigskin and suedes, it’s safe to say there aren’t many things more iconic or British than The Stones.

Get the classic ‘60s Rolling Stones look with the help of two styles from the Hemingway for Hush Puppies collection. The Quiff has a thick creeper sole (perfect for this mic stand moments) whilst the Tommy uses the signature Chelsea boot silhouette which were de rigueur for any self-respecting 60’s musician.

Regardless of your musical background or status, its safe to say that we all would like to fill the shoes of The Rolling Stones! Check out the styles below and for more visit www.hushpuppies.com/UK/en/HemingwayForHush

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