Winter Warmers from adidas by Stella McCartney


Written by: Sarah Fox
As the rain continues to fall on a grey and chilly London, it can be all too easy to stay wrapped in our duvets when the alarm clock announces its unappreciated presence instead of going for that much-needed morning run.
There’s nothing I hate more than frost-bitten fingers and aching eardrums when I return from a jog around the park, but with a trip to Australia looming in January, now is not the time for me to hang up my trainers and reach for the Quality Streets.
No, now is the time for action, and this thankfully comes in the form of adidas’ latest collaboration with Stella McCartney: welcome the new Winter Warmers range.

With pieces specially designed for workouts in cold weather, the winter sports collection shields from the never-ending drizzle using high-tech fabric CLIMAWARM and CLIMAPROOF STORM on the interior of hats, snoods and neck warmers that keep you feeling cosy whilst still allowing your body to breathe naturally.

I’m an advocate of the Ski Neck Warmer: fleece-lined for comfort and insulation, I wear this with my winter coat for a trip into town, as well as layering it under my rain jacket to keep me warm whilst working out. It’s multi-purpose as you can wear it buttoned up tall, or snap open the buttons to create a collar.

The Run Pouch is another great addition to the collection, as it allows you to discreetly stow away your keys, cash and music whilst you focus on how many kilometers you have until you’re safely back in the warmth. The mesh on the front features a headphone-cord outlet so that you can keep your items zipped up in the pouch and still have easy access to your music.

As well as stylish workout-wear, the new Winter Warmers collection has a fantastic range of ski clothes and accessories – ideal for hitting the slopes, sipping hot chocolate on a snow-covered terrace or downing hearty pints at après ski. McCartney has worked hard to ensure that her collection features body conscious pieces for the hardcore skiing and roomier, sportier pieces for snowboarders.

“I love the winter sports collection! I think we are one of the few collaborations out there of this kind in the ski world that is really doing something that looks sexier and a bit more fashionable”.
I’d definitely swap my ski attire for something a little more McCartney…

Woolen beanies, interchangeable gloves/mittens, ribbed jackets and cotton jumpers make up a collection reflecting the perfect amalgamation of adidas’ utility and Stella McCartney’s style to see you through the winter months, whether you are actually taking a ski trip, or simply hiking around your local area: there is something for every activity.

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