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Written by: Christina Daniels

Eastpak’s new campaign is all about ‘When was The Last Time You Did Something For The First Time?’ asking us this very simple question first ‘DO YOU WANT TO SLEEP, OR DO YOU WANT TO LIVE?’

If there is anything you know about myself as the Editor of theCool is that I am constantly on the move, always travelling and also always busy! So you know that theCool choose to LIVE!!

Last year was definitely a year of Firsts, in which I went to LA, Albufeira, Vegas and Malta, but this year seemed to be very much laid back until I’d had enough and made an effort to get myself over to Milan for the first time!!

My motto is always ‘LIFE IS TOO SHORT’ so I make it  mission to always live it up around the world! Visiting Milan was definitely the best thing I’d done for the first time this year, the food, the culture, the people and the language all beautiful! We shopped, we ate, we schooled up on artwork, history and partying it was definitely something I can add to my portfolio of travelling!

With the new Eastpak campaign, the concept is a simple one. This question is put to you through an interactive support, on a background of images from the campaign. Here you have two options. You can click ‘Sleep’ and it will take a great deal of pleasure providing you with dull, boring and safe clips to help you get a good night sleep. Or you can click ‘Live’ in which case, depending on you current location, it will instantly supply a list of all the best gigs and live shows happening in a great venue soon near you, giving you directions and telling you where to get hold of the last tickets!

With my little story above and such an opportunity, we can only imagine that the decision is so simple! Guys it’s all about making it all count, this new campaign from Eastpak helps you explore that just a little bit more!

For more info on how you can choose to SLEEP or LIVE visit http://bit.ly/P0OzAq

Pics from my trip below…

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