New Mixtape – Childish Gambino – ROYALTY


Mr Donald Glover did it again!

Agressive, Articulate,  and lyrically Adept!

I was excited because I knew I wasn’t going to be let down!

Royalty’ the 18 track mixtape from the ever talented, jack, and master of all trades Childish Gambino , was released on the 4th of July, downloaded and been on repeat and heres my review!

Some hate him, most love him , but either way, the competition is just intense!

If you’ve downloaded CAMP and know anything about this dude you’d understand the excitement in my tone…

With tracks such as Heartbeat, Freaks & Geeks, Backpackers, L.E.S, That Power, I’m sure you get the point, lyrically, he’s a stone cold killer!

What I love about Gambino is that he illustrates the very common story of many young adults in society who have to deal with unaddressed issues such as race,  young adult hood, sex, chicks, dudes wanna be rappers , egos and the all the awkward situations you secretly go through alone… he addresses them ALL in a very formally aggressive tone in CAMP!

His honesty and brilliantly witty but sarcastic sense of humour is very apparent and is what gives his music that extra umph.

So with CAMP he was kind’ve introducing himself, like ‘Yo guys this is me , this is what I’m about and this is how I flow, dont test me’, and now with ROYALTY on the other hand he’s saying ‘okay cool so I’ve shown you me, but dudes, I’m fricking serious I’m about that life and if you do want to test me , lookie hear I got my guys behind me!’

With features from the likes of, Ab SoulSchoolboyQKilo Kish (my don) Nipsey Hussle, Danny Brown, Josh Osho, and even a couple of Wutang members blessed the album with feats from, RZA , and Ghostface Killer in the track “It May Be Glamour Life” which is one of my favs!

He reconfirms his rap status and leaves you the audience to level up and recognise where he’s at and where he’s going with this thing.

It’s mad because at times when I’m plugged into Gambino I always feel like i’m listening to a more furious but younger more connecting version of Kanye, I might get beat up for that but I’ll defend myself . Ha!

To be honest I just REALLY wanna hear a collab from him and Kanye I mean, ‘Royalty’ + ‘Watch The Throne’ it just works! I reckon that’d be a naughty madness !

Ok enough of my waffle, fav tracks:

Unnecessary” (ft. Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul) - Comical gangster rap

“It May Be Glamour Life” (ft. Ghostface Killah) - for that luxurious OG Hip Hop kind of vibe

Toxic” (ft. Danny Brown) – because to me Danny is ODB resurrected and that Toxic sample is THE sex!



“Make It Go Right” (ft. Kilo Kish) - for obvious reasons!

“Real Estate” (ft. Alley Boy, Swank, and Tina Fey)this is the most jokes and at the end comedienne Tina Fey just finishes it off , can’t tell you anymore now!

Go and download the new mixtape HERE now, do not waste time!

Follow him on Twitter, Like his Facebook page and check out his site for more info.

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