Hood-Inks Urban Boutique Grand Opening!


The long awaited urban boutique Hood-Inks is set to launch tomorrow 7th of July! If any of you are long-term followers of theCool… you will recall that we first introduced the store a while back, and are glad to see it come to fruition!

The Hood-Inks concept is based on a fusion of hip-hop and urban culture, namely fashion and music, looking to change the market for fresh, dynamic urban brands. This will be one of the only places young fashionable people will be able to buy all the brands that are on high demand including: King Apparel, trikki, Clee clothing, Shinning Heroes, LDN and many more.

What we love about this new store is that it’s another store we can head to in London which stocks all our favourite brands. Young people, supporting young brands what could be better than that!

Hoodinks will have a section in store dedicated to up and coming artists and urban music. With a space for artists to display, sell and market their mixtapes this will give opportunities for them to promote themselves from their store attracting a larger customer base to help the store and clothing brands alike!

Events every month, a photography service, a online media channel, Hoodinks seems to be a movement everyone should get involved with.

“The HoodInks aim is to get the right blend of brands working alongside each other to not only make this a store but a community that also the customer feels a part of, that is what makes the urban scene so influential and especially to the young market we will be attracting”

Support the store by checking out the Hood-Inks Grand opening tomorrow 7th July from 12pm. For more info check out the Facebook Page for more…

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