Guess who’s turning 150?


Not us obviously, Bacardi are!  Not looking a day over 20 Bacardi are celvberating their 150th birthday.  To celebrate not only are launching 4 commemorative bottles and hosting some of the UK’s biggest acts at Bacardi Beginnings they’re also giving us an incite into the brands intriguing 150 years history (with a little bit of creative licence thrown in).

Want to know how the idea for your favourite Primate vs Plummer video game came about, texting or the even weirder trends of planking and free running came about? Bacardi have your answer.

Video Games started with a Party- Bacardi

Planking started with a Party- Bacardi

Freerunning started with a party

The limited edition bottles are available from all regular outlets for a limited time only of course.

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