Event Recap || ENZI Footwear Launch


So last week we headed down to BrewDog pub in Camden for an exclusive first look at the  ENZI mens footwear collection in the UK.

Enzi is ” a new high-end fashion brand using the finest, ethically sourced materials from Africa” .

Founded by entrepreneurs, Jawad Braye, Azariah MengistuSam Imende, and Christian Ward, who’s aim is to ” reinvent perceptions of Africa through high quality fashion and a global business model founded on supporting real economic growth in various African countries.

(“Beading detail on special edition shoes is provided by Maasai women usually paid very little for their work; ENZI not only pays an amount proportional to the shoe value, but the women will be part of a community board of suppliers thathave a direct influence on the growth and future of the business”)

What I loved most about the trainers is the aesthetic quality and simplicity in the design, you could feel see and smell the premium quality in the leather, they make a bold statement about the wearer and the brand without screaming for attention.

This collection is handcrafted in Ethiopia which is a refreshing change, knowing that most footwear production these days are made by manufacturers in East Asia, this was an enlightening reminder of Africa’s quantitive resources and the misconstrued perception of Africa as a land of poverty where nothing but malnourished villagers and their dying babies reside.

We want to bring Africa back into fashion. Right now, when most people think of Ethiopia, they probably don’t think of the world’s highest quality leather, entrepreneurial manufacturers looking to set a global standard or communities looking for ways to support themselves through international commerce. They think of stereotypes established decades ago. If ENZI achieves its goal, this will change.” — Sam Imende, CEO of ENZI

Check out the Menelik range in brown grey and black showcased on the night…

We got these super cool ENZI wax print goodie bags which I’ve been sporting since!

The more we talked with these guys the more their brand concepts just seemed to get better and better, and even more exciting, but you’d have to stay tuned to find out what’s next with them! Top Secret Stuff!

You definately need to check these guys out, the future of the ENZI brand looks way too bright for you to miss out on, you dont wanna be the last to know about these guys! So if you like what you see here and are in need of some high quality, design focused sleek footwear for yourself, your brother, your pops or even your your BF click the link HERE to fill up your shopping basket, you wont regret it!

Check out their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter for more updates, check out our Tumblr page for more pics!

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