Converse: Always Evolving, Always The Same


Converse is one of the oldest trainer manufacturers in the world, having put out its first rubber-soled sneakers in 1908. The iconic All Star was created in 1917, and was popularised by basketball star Chuck Taylor. From 1932, the All Star has carried his name in tribute.

The design of this trainer has stayed the same ever since and it has gone on to become a style icon for generation after generation of young people – and the young at heart. Such is the trainer’s popularity, it is said that 60 per cent of Americans own – or have at some point owned – a pair of All Stars.
But although the design has not changed, the style has evolved subtly over the years. Even a typical high street chain such as Size carries a huge range of All Star colour choices, along with detail embellishments such as the ankle sock or the double upper.

Recently, the brand has begun experimenting with prints featuring the iconic characters dreamt up on the pages of DC Comics. So if you want your own pair of superhero All Stars, you can now get a set of Chuck Taylors featuring the likes of Batman, Superman, the Joker, Bane – or even the entire Justice League!

For a cooler look you can select a light blue pair featuring Mr Freeze, but if you are forever finding yourself running for the bus you might want to plump for a pair featuring the fastest man alive, the Flash.

But it’s not just DC getting in on the act: you can even get a pair of All Stars featuring the fearsome felines the ThunderCats, which in a neat touch, prints the classic Chuck Taylor logo in black and red, just like the Eye of Thundera.

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