Dave White’s Natural Selection


Written by: Sarah Fox

The thing that I love most about London is its ability to surpise. Be it an unknown street or hidden restaurant (or even its charming ability to rain on what seems like the most glorious day of the year), there is something, somewhere, that can delve you into the unknown.

Last night I discovered internationally acclaimed artist Dave White, and his latest exhibition, Natural Selection, at The Hospital Club whilst on my way to an entirely separate event.

Not overly aware of his work (aside from his involvement with Air Jordan), I did a sneaky Google Search before briefly chatting with the curator of the event in order to find out more.

Whilst The Independent touted him ‘the UK’s Andy Warhol’ in April 2011, White’s take on Pop Art focuses more on wild, animated brush strokes that bring his turbulent images to life; which somehow seem more dynamic than the early 70s art he grew up with.

After working with brands from Nike to Coca Cola, White’s eerie droplets of paint (that trickle erratically from stationary objects) have become a trademark that has cemented his signature style.

Above image credited to debutart.com

White’s latest collection of oil paintings explores the majestic beauty behind some of the world’s most threatened animal species.
From tigers to elephants, each animal is energetically displayed on an entirely blank canvas to further intensify the feeling of vulnerability as these wild species lose their natural habitats/camouflage to a more Westernised world.

Movement is brought to the forefront of White’s work through dramatic brush strokes and ranges of colour that demonstrate light and shade in each individual piece.

The larger instillations are even emblazoned with 24-carat gold leaf to create the effect of natural sunlight.

The exhibition opens from Friday 22nd June until Saturday 7th July at The Hospital Club, WC2. His large scale oil paintings and limited edition prints are also on sale at the gallery.

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