Editor’s Pick: Love my Custom…


You may have heard the brand name Love My Custom floating around recently with celebrities such as Rita Ora and Kelly Rowland taking a shine to it’s products… and ultimately so have we!

Love My Custom was founded by Lisa-Marie Carter AKA Cheebz, a UK, Bristol born and raised lover of creative expression.

In 2006, Lisa-Marie spent almost two years living in Brooklyn, New York where she discovered many new forms of creativity. This was a vibrant and insightful experience for her which challenged her creative passion, daring her to try something new. Lisa-Marie’s experience of life in New York together with her experiences as a mother of two boys, entrepreneur, and in the past a stylist, dancer and choreographer have inspired and developed a fusion of creativity which she could no longer contain.

Thankfully this creativity has been unleashed and demonstrated through her Love My Custom creations.

What’s great about the pieces from LMC is that hey are original, fresh and can be used as accessories to dress up even the most plainest of outfits! Their current collection is entitled Break out & Fly, but you’ll be glad to know that their 4th season collection is out shortly and will surely take the ladies by storm with a title such as Summer Tease!

Check out a few pics below and check out www.lovemycustom.com for more…

3 comments Editor’s Pick: Love my Custom…

  1. Jack

    whys it called love my custom if you can’t customise anything?… nice but thats dumb

    • Anna

      I’ve bought from them before, and they made me a custom name ring. They can custom make anything you like which is why they have the custom in their name. Hope that answers your question, not such a dumb name after all lol I love their stuff.

      • Jack

        oh ok thats cool, i suppose love my custom sounds better then love my made to order… nothing bad on em LOVE THEIR STUFF!

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