theCool Unplugged: follow us on the go!


You can now follow theCool team on the go with our tumblr, pinterest & instagram profiles.

Our Tumblr page is known as theCool Unplugged just to give you a view of what we think, like and do behind this blog. Our real likes and dislikes, things we think you should also be sharing!!

Pinterest is our little playground of visuals. You’ll see it all from our Editor’s pick to our fashion must haves, art fancies, and daily inspirations!

And if you prefer only images with few words, then follow our Editor ‘Chris_theCool’ on instagram, who will bring you into her daily findings of things as we build theCool bigger and better!!

So follow us on our tumblr theCoolUnplugged for the latest news, music, events, special offers and updates on the team.

and our instagram @chris_thecool for an insight into theCool World!

and also on Pinterest over at for inspirations for fashion, art and daily looks!

Oh and while you’re at it… remember we are on Facebook & Twitter!!

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