Eastpak: “When was the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time?”


EASTPAK, the authentic urban lifestyle brand, on the 21st May will unleash its new 2012 creative campaign into the world. A celebration of the path less travelled, the campaign inspires us to seek out new experiences, break new ground and invent new ways to enrich our lives and our urban environments. Which is why every element of the 360° media campaign centers around one challenging, thought-provoking question: “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

A very interesting question that allows us to question what it is we can say we have done in our lifetimes that have made us think ‘WOW, I did that..’ and really feel like something has been achieved or eve a story that can be told over and over again without feeling bored!

Developed by the Brussels-based communications agency, Satisfaction, the 2012 EASTPAK campaign is all about helping us keep those promises. John Israel fromSatisfaction sums it up well by saying: “We believe that by living out a new experience we share a part of ourselves with the people around us….It’s all in the action, the taking of that first step”

So what do we bring to the table you may ask?

Well I’d say that for me, it’d have to be my trip to LA last year, first time out in the Americas it was absolutely mind blowing! LA is the place where you find dreams come true, inspirations become more tangible and the impossible seems like nought when you arrive! As Editor of theCool it was great to mingle with creative people, make contacts with great designers and expand our view on being more than just a blog, but embracing a lifestyle! 2011 was a great year because of it, and theCool has grown so much due to that visit!

On a personal level we put it to you, a clear call of action to challenge you to think about WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU DID SOMETHING FOR THE FIRST TIME and to get inspired by visiting the Eastpak microsite if you find yourself lacking in adventure!

Compiled by Christina Daniels

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