FLY53 Alternative Olympics T-shirts


FLY53 are infamous for their ability to subvert the popular and the commercial into the dark and edgy and they have not strayed from their heritage of catering for the rebellious youth with their latest t-shirt designs.

FLY53 have now put their own playful twist on the most commercial event of them all – the Olympics. In homage to the event they have restyled the logo and used slightly more contemporary patterns to recreate the iconic rings.

Now we wouldn’t dream of condoning the use of such drugs, but the arrangement of pills on the Enhancement Performance tee brings a guilty smile to your face and is available in a perky yellow or white.  The Zero Athletics T-shirt is a little tamer with coffee mug stains and cigarette butts recreating the Olympic design and is available in grey or white.

FLY53 stands proud as an independent fashion label that is intertwined within music and the creative industries. Their ability to produce garments that do not conform to expectations is unique and whether you’re sick to death of hearing about the Olympics or can’t wait for them to arrive, these t-shirts are a definite summer essential.

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