Alexander Hughes: Steady Pushing Dope


Street artist  and designer Alexander Hughes launches STEADY PUSHIN’ DOPE, the series which is a collection of T-shirts and screen prints based on the people who have influenced him most as an Artist & as a person!

Inspired by his surrounding, coming from South London and his passion for Hip Hop… Alexander Hughes expresses all that makes him who he is through this very interesting series – “I’m obsessed with the philosophy and aspirations of people who set out to make a life of there own not caring for tradition or following guidlines. But at the same time I believe in peace and want nothing more.To me expression is everything.” – A. Hughes

The first release is the Brother Shabaaz tee (Malcolm X) The print is avaible on T-shirt and shortly will be available on canvas sold via his website

“Malcolm X is a hero and role model to me. Never have I heard a greater story of change, Malcolm’s Life story holds something for everyone who has ever felt oppression in any sense. Especially any black child growing up in the society that we do. Peace to El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz” – A. Hughes

Definitely something to show some love to and check out –

Also be on the look out for his various projects with partner in Art and Crime @ChinoBeige currently in the lab working on HipHopToyShop, making toys for people interested and inspired by the same things them!

With thanks to Khalid Golding from UpInTheEar for passing across the info!

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