Website Wednesday: Ill Behaviour


This month’s Website Wednesday goes out to music blog ‘ill behaviour’, owned and run by Giles Platel. We came across this site through the fact hat we are a part of the Vice Blogging Network, and so you know the content on the site is of top quality!

Aiming to allow us to delve into the trends of today and in a ‘ill behaviour’ kind of way too…

“Here at Ill Behaviour the aim of the game is to relax and let the trends of today lead us into action, almost as a reaction to the rolling waves of music, fashion, sex, drugs, art, visions, film, photography, humour, cultures, innovations and all that other stuff we feed our ever Internet saturated brains on”

Nice eh!? The site is filled to the brim with fresh, trending and informative content, most about music, and in their own unique way of reporting what’s new. And if that isn’t all, they also have their own range of clothing readily available to purchase from, definitely feeling the IB Trooper Sweater!

If you are after something different, a place where music flows, then check out these guys, they may just be up your street! –

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