VICE Style Interviews Stefano Pilati of YSL

“It’s not hyperbole to say that Yves Saint Laurent is the greatest, most evocative name in the history of fashion.
Stefano Pilati has been the company’s creative director for the past decade, defining yet another era with his analytic eye for design and plainspoken opinions about fashion’s place in modern culture.”
If there is anything we encourage on theCool is learning from the greats, the many emerging brands we support, we definitely feel like giving you an insight into already established brands, helps one to grow, gives direction and redfines focus!
Now if you know the YSL story well, you’ll know that Stefano Pilati took Tom Ford’s position once he left, and of course there was toe stepping, ground breaking and foundation setting moves that took place, and so this interview is one for the passionate (and can read!) Check it out in full here

Interview done by Constantino Della Gherardesca for Vice Style

Photo’s by Carlotta Manaigo for Vice Style

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