New Favourite: J&B The Shop


Written by Sarah Fox

I am the type of person who loves to buy gifts for others. Some say it is something to do with a minor shopping obsession; others would call it kindness. Whatever the reason may be, I find nothing more appealing than dreaming up presents for friends, family or even distant relations so that when the time comes, I am prepared with the most perfect of perfect gifts.
I actually keep a book (sad, but true) because even the most accomplished of minds would struggle with the amount of insanely amazing ideas that spring upon me, mid-slumber, in the depths of the night.

The feverish present-buyer is always on the hunt for a new treasure trove of cutesy-cards, bespoke gift wrap and pretty trinkets, so when I stumbled into J&B The Shop on Columbia Road yesterday, it was like the equivalent of a Holy Communion for me.

Founded by two Welsh girls, Jessie Chorley and Buddug Humphreys, in 2005; J&B began life as a small stall at Broadway Market, London Fields. Both Art graduates, the pair opened their first shop (158 Columbia Road, East London) in 2008 and have been going from strength to strength ever since.

Stepping into the cottage-like boutique is like finding yourself lost in a Beatrix Potter world where young girls go shopping for ribbons and lace, accompanied by Peter Rabbit of course. The unique vintage feel couldn’t be further removed from what we all expect a ‘vintage shop’ to be due to the hand crafted, antique qualities that make a visit to J&B The Shop an absolute treat.

Selling everything from coat hooks to Valentines cards, this shop is a gift-junkies paradise. I especially fell in love with the personalised heart pendants and gave a few not-so-subtle hints to my lovely Mummy, who was equally impressed on our Sunday trip.

Although Jessie and Buddug specialise in their own separate areas (Jessie in embroidery and textiles, Buddug in jewellery), both their personal styles are echoed in each and every item in the store. This marriage of home-made ornaments and quirky essentials makes J&B The Shop my new go-to place for girly gifts – friends: you have been warned.

Imaged credited to I am in awe of your talent.

P.s. You can also order online HERE

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