theCoolSTUFF: The Alter Ego Editorial


Last year we showcased the handy work of the very talented Priya Jangda when she hit us up on the ‘Don’t Judge Me’ Campaign, including some of UK’s finest independent brands. This time we get a look in on her latest project ALTER EGO! The below explains it all…

Looking in the mirror wishing, hoping to be that someone you have always aspired to be. This editorial portrays a girl with hidden ambition, however growing up in an area consumed by negativity, disappointment and failure, naturally obscures her passion, with the fear of being judged by her peers. She looks in the mirror one day and sees her dream, her alter ego, who she transforms into, finding the courage to believe in herself and follow her heart and intuition to achieve her goals.

An alter ego is a character that you wish to be, you believe you are and so you become. Idols such as Beyonce, whose alter ego, ‘Sacha Fierce’ is famously unleashed on stage having an immense impact on the millions of individuals watching.
If one individual can have have such an impact on the world and they themselves have their own insecurities requiring an alter ego to bring out confidence and passion, it’s easy the world is your oyster and you can do as you so desire – within reason that is…

The secret is to believe in yourself, remain positive and you will achieve. Have the inner strength, focus and drive to fulfil your utmost dreams. Do not be afraid to chase your wildest dreams, for they can become reality. Let nobody discourage you, dig deep for your alter ego to give you the courage to jump all hurdles in the way of grabbing hold of your dreams. Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually with the help of your alter ego you will find your way…


Photographer: Harry Pseftoudis | Styling and designs: Priya Jangda | Makeup: Sarah Atkin | Hair: Lisa Holder

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