theCoolMUSIC: SHYE Releases “Lavish Dreams & Addictions”


Written by Stephanie D

Check out new artist Shye! The Chicago native is making moves in the music scene, with his first mixtape ‘Shutup Rollup & Ride’ garnering over 40,000 downloads, the rapper who’s turning his dreams to a reality is taking it up to the next level with the mixtape entitled Lavish Dreams & Addictions, hosted by DJ ill will & DJ Rockstar

His music resembles his drive and motivation to succeed in tracks such as ‘Luxury Dreaming’ and his sound is something you really will enjoy listening to for motivation to stay on your ground… I would say channel Rick Ross and that’s the kind of sound you’d be rocking to here!

Check out the video to the track 6AM here:

Shye is working on a new mixtape under his Galaxy Music Group but in the mean time check out Lavish Dreams hosted by DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar below

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