theCoolMUSIC: Artist to Watch – Luke James


Written by Stephanie D

Who is Luke James? Introducing the New Orleans native singer who is bringing soul and R&B back and is sure to have people talking with a voice like his!

I found out about this guy randomly on Youtube, as you do, and also heard about him through ThatGrapeJuice and was hooked immediately… he’s like my new drug!!

You may recognise his face from Beyonce’s “Run the World” video and Melanie Fiona’s “4AM” video but this smooth crooner is stepping out on his own… about time too!!

His new pre-album project #luke is creating a buzz with great songs like Soldier and Made to Love, download it here.

Check out the video to the goose bump worthy song ‘I Want You’. We here at the Cool music are definitely ready to hear more from Luke James!

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