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Website Wednesdays as derived from Twitter, is literally all about sites we love, and of course things we think are COOL!! Today’s sighting goes to one right under our noses!! As in he actually contributes to theCool every now and then, and so as we turned into 2012, we saw the birth of Clothmasons.

Brought to us by the very much controversial Victor Von, you may know him for challenging brands to be better, to deliver perfection and to embrace a lifestyle. Although some may argue that his ways weren’t always tactful, as we at theCool have gotten to know him, his opinions are definitely out of shear passion.

The launch of Clothmasons is a site which is like an ode to streetwear  -

“We are the “Ancient, Free and Accepted” Clothmasons, a collective of like minded Streetwear Heads who seek to bring about a new age of Streetwear. Founded by Grand Tailor Victor Von Clothschild, we seek to achieve our final goal through networking and striving to push the bar in order to bring about the Great Plan whilst documenting our experiences here.”

Whilst bringing about the ‘Great Plan’, you’ll find a great collection of streetwear brand news, and definitely worth a read, if you are a streat-wear fanatic!

Head on over to and tell us what you think!!

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