theCoolSTUFF: Forreduci Drop New Snapbacks & Wooly Hats


Forreduci break into 2012 with great aims of expanding, and one of their main focuses is to really delve into a quality collection of accessories for all to enjoy. This aim sees the introduction of their latest release of Forreduci Snapbacks and a re-release of their much loved wooly hats.

Released at the perfect time, as the weather begins to give us that oh so loved winter-chill, this range of hats are definitely collectors items and great additions to those of us that have an array of snapbacks!!

The snapbacks are available in four colourways, our favourite being the Grey and burgundy mix, which are definitely nice colours for the current season. If you’re a wooly hat kind of guy, then Forreduci’s definitely do stand the test of time, and you can be sure that regardless of colour, whether it be the Navy. White, or various black options your head and ears will thank you for the purchase!

Check these out below, the snapbacks from £25 and the wooly hats start from £20.00 and up!

For a full view of the range visit

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  1. Anonymous

    Very poor quality stitching please improve your manufacturing standards Foredduci, Also you need to come out with new ideas, once every two years isn’t good enough!

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