Five Days of Fun: Victate Flash Sale Between 16.01 – 20.01


Victate shall be holding a flash sale through their online store for 5 days! Yes, only 5 days for you to dabble into a great brand and ridiculous prices taking place between Monday 16th January to Friday 20th January 2012. Every one of the days will have something different on sale, so it’s all about keeping your eyes peeled and your fingers ready!

Feeling the January Blues? Well Victate may just be the ones to bring you out of despair -

“We want to start the new year with a good kick of fun and we know a lot of the customers are feeling the pinch after Christmas.” – Edd, Victate

Definitely very thoughtful of the guys to do such a sale for their followers, especially as sales are not something we usually hear Victate do, so this is the one time to actually take advantage, and actually get pieces from a British independent brand that actually takes pride in every delivery!!

Check out the W11 images below and just to get you hyped just that little bit further, check out the recent W11 video, Victate dropped in our laps today…

Winter ’11 – Oxford Teaser from Victate on Vimeo.

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