Spine TV: Tokyo City Series presents DJ Muro

By Christina Daniels on August 9, 2011 in ,

As you know we are big fans of Spine TV and what they continuously deliver and so if you caught the last Tokyo City Series interview we shared with you a few days back you’ll be happy to sit down and catch the third part in the Tokyo City Series where the crew receive a rare invitation into the home of the legendary DJ Muro!

The King Of Diggin’ breaks down his love of vinyl cover art and traces back his history with the illustrious DJ Krush of Krush Posse. There is also a super secret peek into Muro’s much-coveted and treasured vinyl attic!… Real Nice eh!?

Click here to watch City Series Tokyo Episode Three: www.spinetv.net/video/dj-muro

Definitely an inspiration!

Check some of the artwork and still images from the interview below…

With thanks to Spine TV

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