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Written by: Darwina Slioa

These reflective Jewelry collection are designed by  Yoolhee Ko, born in South Korea and now living in Belgium:

”There are few reasons why I have chosen to work with ‘Reflections’. It’s because that we have various view of seeing all the different things. When we see things, we reflect things that we have learnt and experienced in the past”, Yoolhee Ko.

It is about the facts of the 21st century, where it is taking us in to a futuristic era, with all its high technology development- but yet we are alive surrounded by the beauty we consider for ourselves.

It is a way of how to play between psychology and art around our body and the way it makes us think out of the box, where it still has a lot of hidden hints behind it. Using ideas such as the own transparency and sheerness, but at the same time in a sparkling mood of what we call a reflection of light in chromatic colors.

It is dreamy and filled of fantasy where what you see and someone else see´s is a whole different world. As much as you are using your creativity to set up a whole look for your daily outfit, why not start further to be two steps ahead closer to futurism?

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  1. wow i like this Men’s Fashion Jewelry Really fantastic.

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