Triplezed Introduce ‘Loona-Ticks’…


A while ago we featured the custom brand Triplezed, created from the brainchild that is Leo Stiles. Gladly Leo’s been keeping me in the loop with the latest moves, and these latest releases are definitely hot!

The latest release of shoes being done for the spring/summer is a range entitled ‘Loona-Ticks’, a cool play on the inspiring ‘Looney Tunes’ I take it, attracting the fun elements of this new collection. The collection is fun, full of colour and definitely an eye catching range to be rocking this summer.

The actual release as featured below is the ‘Sleeping Birds’ edition which really looks the business and tells us that summer has arrived indeed and are in fact a work in progress that was initiated by the Triplezed leader Leo from 2007 ‘I wanted to make sure it hadnt been done before, using the Nike Tick (swoosh) in this way.’

Originality is a key word for the brand and so Loona Ticks is a result of wanting to bring out the BIG kid in everyone, male female, kids, big or small and it definitely works for me!

Other releases from the collection will include ‘Crazy Horses’, ‘Happy Lizards’ and plenty more, which I can’t wait to check out.

And as playful as they are, you can grab yourselves 10% off by putting in your order form ‘theCool’ after your name too! So I suggest welcoming summer with a pair of these designs… remember like all made to order items you can provide your own (box fresh) Nikes.

To learn more about Triplezed, or place an order, check out, and I’ll stress check out their Youtube Page to understand how it all goes down!

Written by: Christina Daniels

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